Set up an Appointment for NJ Inspection

When you call to set up the New Jersey inspection, We will ask you a few questions about the NJ home or NJ building that you need inspected. It will be helpful if you have the following information available:

  1. The location of the house (Street address, town, and cross street)Make sure the building number is correct.
  2. Make sure the street spelling is correct
  3. Do not confuse STREET, LANE, PLACE, AVENUE, DRIVE, etc.
  4. The age of the structure’s.
  5. If possible square footage of the house.
  6. Is the house serviced by public or well water Sewer public or septic? Private well water & septic need additional inspections prior to closing.
  7. Is there a radon mitigation system?
  8. Your attorney’s name and address (so we can send your attorney a copy of the inspection report, included at no extra charge)
  9. Information about the home, building, condominium unit, and cooperative unit, including (if appropriate)
  10. Number and type of outbuildings.
  11. Number of Bedrooms & Bathrooms.
  12. Number of fire places & Wood burning stove’s.
  13. Number of units (if this is a multi-family building)
  14. Your email address (if you want us to email the report to you, included at no extra charge) And any other info.

Please be respectful of my time by contacting me as soon as possible if this inspection is to be cancelled so that I may plan accordingly or schedule other inspections. The following cancellation fees are observed;

THERE’S 48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY AND A MINIMUM $100.00 CHARGE FOR CANCELLATIONS. By booking this appointment, whether it is for yourself or on behalf of others, you agree to pay the minimum of $100.00 fee to the inspector if the appointment is cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment.

  • Cancelled when inspector in route or onsite -The greater of 50% of inspection fee or $200
  • Cancelled once inspection has begun -Full price of inspection fee.
  • Cancelled due too one or all the utilities and not limtied to no fuel or not active for the inspection

When an inspection is scheduled, the COMPANY reserves that time period for the exclusive use of the CLIENT. If an inspection is abruptly cancelled, the CLIENT understands the COMPANY loses revenue for that time period. Therefore, the CLIENT will pay a cancellation fee if a scheduled inspection is cancelled LESS THAN 48 HOURS before the scheduled inspection start time. The Cancellation Fee shall be a minimum $100.00 of the scheduled inspection. The COMPANY may waive this fee if: 1) the inspection is re-scheduled with the COMPANY; or, 2) the real estate purchase contract has been terminated. It is the CLIENT’S responsibility to ensure that the property is under a purchase contract, or that the CLIENT has permission to inspect the property, before scheduling an inspection with the COMPANY

This policy will be strictly enforced. Cancelled inspections are costly to the home inspector, and in order for this online service to be available, ordered inspections must be honored. It is recommended that inspections not be scheduled unless you are in contract on a property. This service is not intended to hold an inspector’s time slot while making an offer to shorten an inspection contingency.


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